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Control Systems Engineering for Optimizing a Prenatal Weight Gain Intervention (The Healthy Mom Zone Study)

  • National Institute of Health
  • PI: Dr. Danielle Downs, Kinesiology
  • CO-I: Dr. Jennifer Savage Williams

Conventional approaches to manage gestational weight gain (GWG) in overweight/ obese pregnant women (OW/OBPW) have been generally ineffective despite the critical need to control GWG for positive maternal/infant health outcomes. This research project uses dynamical modeling and control systems engineering to develop an individually-tailored (adaptive) behavioral intervention for managing GWG among overweight and obese pregnant women.

The insight gained from this research as well as independent developments in e-health tools and their use in clinical practice (e.g., link to electronic records/provider communication) will help disseminate this adaptive, optimized intervention to effectively manage GWG in all pregnant women to ultimately improve maternal/infant health and impact the etiology of obesity at a critical time in the life cycle.

In the Press: Intervention program targets gestational weight gain

Referenced below are several papers published from the "GWG" Study: