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Dynamical Systems Modeling Study

The purpose of the Using Dynamical Systems Modeling to Understand Effects of an Individually Tailored Prenatal Weight Gain Intervention on Fetal Growth and Postnatal Obesity Risk research study is to examine the effect of the intrauterine environment on fetal growth. By using the existing Healthy Mom Zone infrastructure, prospective data collection on the fetal environment will help to clarify how the gestational weight gain intervention impacts fetal growth and development.

Evaluation of Responsive Feeding Online Modules

CCOR has developed a series of interactive Online Educational Modules to improve the feeding practices of low-income caregivers of young children. Planning is underway to evaluate these modules before making them available for use in a variety of community settings.

Facebook Project Pilot Study

The Facebook Project Pilot study will implement research that contributes to the evidence-base needed to inform successful childhood obesity prevention programs for low-income audiences.

Healthy Mom Zone Study

Conventional approaches to manage gestational weight gain (GWG) in overweight/ obese pregnant women (OW/OBPW) have been generally ineffective despite the critical need to control GWG for positive maternal/infant health outcomes. Control Systems Engineering for Optimizing a Prenatal Weight Gain Intervention research study uses dynamical modeling and control systems engineering to develop an individually-tailored (adaptive) behavioral intervention for managing GWG among overweight and obese pregnant women.


Preventing Obesity through Interventions during Infancy the "Intervention Nurses Start Infants Growing on Healthy Trajectories" research study (referred to as "INSIGHT") is an ongoing prospective, randomized, controlled trial evaluating the efficacy of an intervention designed to prevent rapid infant weight gain and childhood obesity among 276 first-born infants.

Relative Reinforcing Value (RRV) Snack Study

The goal of the RRV Snack Study is to evaluate food insecurity and the reinforcing value of food with Head Start Preschoolers.

SibSIGHT Study

Capitalizing on the infrastructure and extensive data collection occurring as part of INSIGHT, the Effects of Birth Order and Genetics on Infant Parenting and Obesity Risk research study (referred to as “SibSIGHT”) adds two major pieces by enrolling second born siblings and collecting genetic specimens from both siblings and their parents.

Wee Baby Study

The goal of the Evaluating Coordination of Care Between Pediatricians and WIC Nutritionists: Early Obesity Prevention for WIC Mothers and Children research study is to build and evaluate a Chronic Care Model for delivering consistent personalized messages to coordinate care across multiple settings- health care clinics and Women Infants and Children (WIC) clinics- to support mothers and children and their related health outcomes.