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BBH Global Health Minor Studing Aboard

As the world becomes more globalized and connected, the need for professionals who understand the issues impacting the health of various populations is growing exponentially.

Penn State’s Global Health (GLBHL) minor prepares you  for this challenge and exposes you to the top issues affecting the health of various populations across the world.

By helping students fully recognize the global interconnectedness of current population health problems and think critically about how particular global health challenges might best be solved, the GLBHL minor complements your major to prepare you for a career in research, teaching, or health services across many sectors, including universities, government agencies, international agencies, non-governmental organizations, or private industry. As a student, you will also complete a fieldwork experience that leverages knowledge obtained in the classroom in a practical setting — while developing your cultural awareness and sensitivity at the same time.

Demonstration by local woman.
Demonstration by local woman.
Upcoming Information Sessions
Global Health Minor
To learn more about the Global Health Minor contact Dr. Dana Naughton at See notices in the fall about upcoming information sessions!