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Rising tuition costs and many other factors make affording a Penn State education a significant financial challenge for a large portion of our students and their families. Scholarships created by generous alumni and friends allow us to address financial need issues head on, helping students to reach their educational goals. These funds also make it possible to recognize and reward students who achieve at a high level and raise the bar of excellence for all.

  • 71% of students in the College of Health and Human Development receive some form of financial aid from loans, grants, or scholarships.
  • Only 17% of HHD students receive a scholarship. Even after loans and scholarships are factored in for students receiving financial aid, a typical HHD undergraduate still faces about $11,000 in unmet need each year.
  • 28% of HHD students with aid are the first generation in their family to attend college.
  • The average loan debt for HHD graduating seniors who have student loans is $41,899. The overall university average is $38,580, and the national average is $30,100.