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We train and develop the next leaders in basic, mechanistic, and applied research that addresses fundamental issues in health and prevention throughout the lifespan. BBH Graduate students go on to careers as academic professors, researchers, educators, policy-makers, and interventionists; they work in diverse settings, including academia, research centers, government, health care facilities, and private industry.

The vast majority of BBH graduates choose to stay within academia, and they have been very successful in obtaining high quality postdoctoral positions and faculty positions in a variety of departments according to their research interests, including Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience, Behavioral Medicine, Health Promotion, Public Health, and Integrative Biology.

Example BBH Alumni

Below are some examples of recent former BBH graduate students! 

The majority are leading research and teaching in academic settings; for example:

  • Dr. Tomorrow Arnold (2018), Assistant Professor, Psychology, The University of Tennessee
  • Dr. Jeanette Bennett (2010), Associate Professor, Psychological Science
  • Dr. Elizabeth Beverly (2008), Associate Professor, Behavioral Diabetes, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Dr. Jay Bream (1996), Associate Professor, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, Johns Hopkins
  • Dr. Dwyane Brandon (2003), Associate Professor, Psychology, North Carolina Central University
  • Dr. Brea Burger (2014), Assistant Professor, Public Health, Muhlenberg College
  • Dr. Rachel Ceballos (2005), Affiliate Associate Professor, Health ServicesUniversity of Washington
  • Dr. Sulamunn Coleman (2018), Postdoctoral Associate, Vermont Center on Behavior and Health
  • Richard O'Connor (2004), Professor of Oncology, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Dr. Lauren Connell Bohlen (2015), Assistant Professor, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Brown University
  • Dr. Donald Conserve (2013), Assistant Professor, Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior, USC South Carolina
  • Dr. Melloni Cook (1996), Associate Professor and Associate Chair of Research Initiatives, Behavioral Neuroscience, Psychology, University of Memphis
  • Dr. Nancy Dreschel (2007), Associate Teaching Professor, Small Animal Science, Agricultural Sciences, Penn State University
  • Dr. Beth Edwards (2007), Assistant Teaching Professor, Biobehavioral Health, Penn State University
  • Dr. Heather Farmer (2018), Assistant Professor, Education and Human Development, University of Delaware
  • Dr. Jose Fernandez (1999), Professor and Vice Chair for Education, Nutrition Sciences
  • Dr. Michael Grant (2003), Associate Professor, Psychology, Ohio University
  • Dr. Joseph Gyekis (2011), Associate Teaching Professor of Biobehavioral Health, Penn State University
  • Dr. Leah Hibel (2009), Associate Professor, Human Ecology, UC Davis
  • Dr. Brittney Hultgren (2017), Assistant Professor,  Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington
  • Dr. Christine Karshin (2001), Associate Dean and Associate Professor, College of Health and Human Services, Eastern Michigan University
  • Dr. Michelle Martin (2018), Assistant Professor, Public Health Education, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Dr. Marzieh Majd (2019), Postdoctoral Associate (Academy of Fellows), Psychological Sciences, Rice University
  • Dr. Miesha Marzell, Assistant Professor, CCPA Social Work, Binghamton University
  • Dr. Cindy McCrea (2015), Assistant Professor, Psychological Science, Boise State University
  • Dr. Melissa Mercincavage (2015), Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Perelman School of Medicine
  • Dr. Kerry Michael, Associate Professor, Psychology, University of Minnesota
  • Dr. Tracy Nelson (1998), Director, Colorado School of Public Health, Colorado State University
  • Dr. Titilayo Okoror (2006), Chair and Associate Professor, Africana Studies 
  • Dr. Beth Orsega-Smith (2000), Associate Professor, Behavioral Health & Nutrition, University of Delaware
  • Dr. Denise Orwig (1998), Professor, Epidemiology and Public Health, University of Maryland School of Medicine
  • Dr. Melissa Peckins (2013), Assistant Professor, Psychology, St. John's University
  • Dr. Andrew Porter (2014), Assistant Professor of Clinical, University of Miami
  • Dr. Lindsey Potter (2018), Postdoctoral Associate, Huntsman Cancer Institute
  • Dr. Nichole Scaglione (2015), Assistant Professor, Health Education and Behavior, University of Florida
  • Dr. Danica Slavish (2017), Assistant Professor, Psychology, University of North Texas
  • Dr. Jerod Stapleton (2010), Associate Dean for Research of the College of Public Health, and Associate Professor of Health, Behavior, and Society, University of Kentucky
  • Dr. Michelle Stine (2004), Associate Teaching Professor, Biobehavioral Health, Penn State University
  • Dr. Andrew Strasser (2002), Professor of Psychiatry, Perelman School of Medicine
  • Dr. Katherine Sauder, (2014) Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Nutrition, University of Colorado
  • Dr. Amy Thierry (2016), Assistant Professor, Public Health Sciences, Xavier University
  • Dr. Anne Ray (2011), Assistant Professor, Health Behavior, University of Kentucky
  • Dr. Terrie Vasilopoulos (2009), Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology, Orthopaedics, and Rehabilitation, University of Florida
  • Dr. Guy-Lucien Whembolua (2008), Associate Professor, College of Medicine, UC Cincinnati

In addition to working in academia, BBH graduate students work in high level positions at the CDC, UNESCO, and other groups, informing research and policy. For example:

Others have worked in industry or in medicine, advancing medical science, pharmaceuticals, and important research initiatives (e.g., the National Human Genome Research Institute). For example:

  • Dr. Gelareh Alam (2015), Department of Pharmaceutical Science, Northeast Ohio Medical University
  • Dr. Marc Azar (2000), Chief Executive Officer, Principal Scientist, Behavioral Pharma
  • Dr. Sezen Kislal (2015), Research Associate, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Dr. Katie Kivlighan (2006), Assistant Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of New Mexico
  • Dr. Mera Krishnan (2012), Center for Bioscience Research
  • Dr. Michelle Matzko (2010), Research Fellow in Medicine, Infectious Disease, Massachusetts General Hospital