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Mark Latash
Mark L. Latash, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor of Kinesiology
Summary Statement

Mark L. Latash's  field of research interest is motor control defined as an area of natural science exploring how the nervous system interacts with other body parts and the environment to produce purposeful, coordinated actions.

  • Kinesiology - KINES
  • Ph.D., 1989, Physiology, Rush University
  • M.S., 1976, Physics of Living Systems, Moscow Physics Technical Institute
  • B.S., 1976, Physics, Moscow Physics Technical Institute
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Office Address
268N Recreation Building
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802
  • Neural control of movement
  • Motor synergies
  • Movement disorders
Grants and Research Projects

Dr. Latash has been involved in the development of the equilibrium-point hypothesis and uncontrolled manifold hypothesis using experimental studies of motor coordination during standing, stepping, reaching, and multi-digit (pressing and prehensile) tasks. He has also been interested in changes in motor control and coordination with healthy aging, atypical development, practice, and a range of neurological disorders.