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What is Health and Human Development?

Diverse fields of study that share one
common goal: enriching the lives of others.

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Make Penn State part of your summer plans: 

The College of Health and Human Development Summer Session courses offer a great opportunity to students. Summer at Penn State allows students to explore new interests, engage with faculty and students in smaller classes, catch up on major or minor requirements or forge ahead with a new emphasis. With courses available online through World Campus, University Park, and many other Penn State campuses, there's no obstacle to advancing your academic and professional interests. For more information visit the Penn State Summer Session website.

Why Take Penn State Classes for Summer Session?

  • EXPLORE: Make progress on a minor or check out introductory courses for a major in HHD.
  • FOCUS: Catch up on a challenging course or work ahead to lighten your semester load next year.
  • FITNESS FUN IN THE SUMMER SUN: Take a course like golf or tennis or get your General Education GHW course completed.


The College of Health and Human Development Summer Session courses offer a great opportunity to students. Summer at Penn State means smaller classes and increased collaboration with faculty, all in a more personal and relaxed atmosphere. Whether online, on campus, or even study abroad HHD advances your academic and professional interests. For more information visit the Penn State Summer Session website.

Why Summer Session

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State College is a Great Place to Spend a Summer

  • The State College Spikes bring MLB Draft League baseball to town at Medlar Field.
  • The Central PA 4th Fest features one of the largest fireworks displays in the world.
  • Find opportunities to take advantage of outdoor seating at many State College restaurants.
  • And all of the outdoor sports, parks and other activities—Shaver’s Creek and Lake Perez, Whipple Dam, Rothrock State Forest, and many more places offer the chance to hike, bike, swim, kayak, and explore the area.

Can't Stay in State College or Need Flexibility?

Our online World Campus classes are the perfect fit. During the summer World Campus classes are open to any Penn State student. Being able to take a class online gives you the chance to work during the summer and still make progress on your degree. And World Campus classes cost less per credit hour, too!

Two Sources of Funding Support!

  • Summer Success Scholarships: Summer Success Scholarships of $2,000 are available for Summer 2020. The purpose of the scholarship is to help students who need to take at least one summer course in order to be on track to graduate on time, but have financial challenges to doing so.

  • STEP for Change-of-Campus Students: The STEP program offers you a chance to take classes at University Park this summer, getting a head start on your major and getting familiar with town and campus, STEP Program students have many benefits including:

    • A STEP Award of at least $1,500 applied toward summer tuition, as well as possible funding from HHD.

    • Events organized by student STEP Mentors designed to help students making the transition to University Park

    • Opportunities to learn more about research, internships, and study abroad

    • Assistance to identify and secure on-campus employment


Visit the STEP Program website for registration and more information!

Just Starting at Penn State as a First-Year Student?

The Summer LEAP (Learning Edge Academic Program) offers you a chance to take a course in the College of Health and Human Development and get a head start on your college career. HHD offers 11 LEAP options for students to fit plans for any major. Check out the LEAP Prides and learn more about the full LEAP opportunity.

Need Assistance

Contact the College of Health and Human Development Center for Student Advising and Engagement or call 814-865-2156.