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Sebrina Doyle Fosco
Assistant Research Professor
  • Human Development and Family Studies - HDFS
  • Ph.D. Educational Leadership Penn State University, University Park: August 2022
  • M.S. Psychology University of Oregon, Eugene: September 2006
  • B.S. Psychology Southern Oregon University, Ashland: June 2002
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Office Address
320D BBH Building
University Park, PA 16802
Research Interests

My interests focus on exploring novel and sustainable ways to support wellbeing in targeted, high-burnout services such as school, community mental health, and juvenile justice settings. My current research centers on the use of evidence-informed mindfulness-based programming and social and emotional learning (SEL) for youth and adults in educational settings. As a researcher-practitioner I am actively involved with facilitating programs in addition to researching outcomes and best practices for implementation.

Professional Experience
  • Education Policy Studies, Penn State University (2019-2022)
    • University Graduate Fellow
  • Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center, Penn State University (2011 - 2019)
    • Assistant Research Professor (2018-2019)
    • Assistant Director for Communications & Outreach (2018-2019)
    • Project Manager, Improving Classroom Learning Environments by Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Efficacy Trial, Co-PIs: Jennings & Greenberg (2012-2018)
    • Research Coordinator, Evidence-based Prevention & Intervention Support Center (2011-2016)
  • Child and Family Center, University of Oregon (2005 - 2011)
    • Project Coordinator, An Internet Infrastructure for the Quality Implementation of the Family Check-Up, Co-PIs: Dishion & Stormshak (2009-2011)
    • Clinical Services Coordinator, Family Check-Up Intervention and Therapy Clinic (2005-2010)
    • Human Subjects Coordinator (2007-2011)
Grants and Research Projects
  • Cultivating REsilience and Wellbeing (CREW) in Engineering (2022-2023), Penn State Healthy, Inclusive, & Productive Workplaces Initiative, role: PI
  • Cultivating Mindfulness & Compassion Skills in 1st Year Seminar Instructors to Support Anti-Racist and Equitable Practices in the Classroom (2021), Penn State College of Education Equity Fund, role: PI
  • Mindfulness-Based Self-Care for Youth Services Workers (2017-2019), PA Bureau of Juvenile Justice Services, Department of Human Services, role: Contract PI
  • "Alexa, I’m in pain!" A Real-Time Mindfulness Intervention to Control Pain: Delivery Through a Conversational Agent (2018-2023), Penn State Social Sciences Research Institute, role: Co-I
  • Technology Enhanced Family Involvement in Juvenile Justice Services (2014-2017), PA Bureau of Juvenile Justice Services, Commission on Crime & Delinquency, role: Contract PI
  • Doyle Fosco, S.L., Rutten, L. & Schussler, D.L. (In Press) Understanding the relationship between teacher leadership and teacher wellbeing: A narrative review of the theoretical and empirical literature. International Journal of Teacher Leadership.
  • Mendu, S., Doyle Fosco, S.L., Lanza, S., Abdullah, S. (In Press) Designing voice interfaces to support mindfulness-based pain management. Sage Digital Health.
  • Doyle Fosco, S.L., Brown, M.A., Schussler, D.L. (2023) Factors affecting educational leader wellbeing: Sources of stress and self-care. Educational Management Administration & Leadership.
  • Schussler, D.L., Davis, J., Doyle Fosco, S.L., Kohler, K. (2023) Examining the ethics of school-based mindfulness programs. The Journal of Moral Education.
  • Doyle Fosco, S.L., Schussler, D.L., Jennings, P.A. (2023) Acceptability of a mindfulness-based professional development program to support educational leader wellbeing. Mindfulness.
  • Doyle Fosco, S.L. (2022) Educational leader wellbeing: A systematic review, Educational Research Review (37),
  • Schussler, D., DeWeese, A, Rasheed, D., DeMauro, A. A., Doyle, S. L., Brown, J.L., Greenberg, M. T., Jennings, P.A. (2019) The relationship between adopting mindfulness practice and reperceiving: A qualitative investigation of the CARE for Teachers program. Mindfulness (10), p. 2567–2582. 10.1007/s12671-019-01228-1
  • Jennings, P.A., Doyle, S.L., Oh, Y., Rasheed, D., Frank, J., Brown, J.L. (2019). Long-term impacts of the CARE program on teachers' social and emotional competence and well-being. Journal of School Psychology (76), p. 186-202.
  • Doyle, S.L., Jennings, P.A., Brown, J., Rasheed, D., DeWeese, A., Frank, J., Turksma, C., Greenberg, M. (2019). Exploring relationships between CARE program fidelity, quality, participant responsiveness, and uptake of mindful practices. Mindfulness. 10(5), 841-853.
  • Doyle, S.L., Rasheed, D., Brown, J., Jones, D. & Jennings, P.A. (2019). Cost analysis of ingredients for successful implementation of a mindfulness-based professional development program for teachers. Mindfulness 10(1), 122-130.
  • Jennings, P. A., Brown, J. L., Frank, J. L., Doyle, S.L., Oh, Y., Tanler, R., Rasheed, D., DeWeese, A., DeMauro, A. A., Cham, H., & Greenberg, M. T. (2017). Impacts of the CARE for Teachers program on teachers’ social and emotional competence and classroom interactions. Journal of Educational Psychology, 109(7), 1010-1028.