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What is Health and Human Development?

Diverse fields of study that share one
common goal: enriching the lives of others.

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Digital Sign Maintainer List

A list of digital signs available throughout Health and Human Development and the contact information for individuals who manage the signs.
Building Room or Vicinity Type Maintainers Email Will Accept HHD Content
BBH Basement Near Room 22 Four Winds ISS
BBH 1st Fl East Lobby Near Room 118 Four Winds ISS
BBH 1st Fl West Lobby Near Room 102 Four Winds ISS
BBH 2nd Fl Near Room 221 Four Winds Jodi Heaton
BBH 3rd Fl East Near Room 316 Four Winds Lee Carpenter
BBH 3rd Fl Central Near Room 309 Four Winds Lee Carpenter
Ford 6th FL Near Elevator Four Winds Frank Gallagher
Ford Room 701 Four Winds TDB TDB
Mateer Lobby Four Winds Mandee Davis
Rec Hall Room 270 Four Winds Elizabeth Myers  Local Only
Chandlee Lobby Four Winds TDB TDB
HHD Basement Near Room 5 Four Winds Dawn Nelson
HHD 1st Floor Near Room 101 Four Winds Dawn Nelson
HHD 2nd Floor Near Room 244 Four Winds Dawn Nelson
HEND Ground Floor Four Winds Heather Zimmerman
HHD 3rd-Floor ETR Four Winds Heather Zimmerman
HHD 3rd-Floor Atrium Four Winds