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Mark Feinberg
Mark Feinberg
Research Professor of Health and Human Development
  • Human Development and Family Studies - HDFS
  • Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center - PRC
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  • Ph.D., George Washington University, 1998
Office Address
314 Biobehavioral Health Building
The Pennsylvania State University
State College, PA 16801

Edna Bennett Pierce Prevention Research Center

Grants and Research Projects

Family and community prevention; development and family relationships; biological systems, emotion regulation, coparenting, and family violence; mindfulness

    Additional Information

    Online Video and Articles

    Reducing Sibling Rivalry in Youth Improves Later Health and Well-being
    (PennState News, November 27, 2012)

    Protective Communities May Reduce Risk of Drinking in Teens
    (PennState News, January 9, 2013)

    PROSPER Prevention Programs Dramatically Cut Substance Use among Teens
    (PennState News, June 4, 2013)

    Brothers and Sisters Learn to Build Positive Relationships in SIBS Program

    Mark Feinberg to Share Ideas at Champions of Change Event in the White House
    (PennState News, September 9, 2013)

    Classes Reduce Pregnancy Complications for Stressed Mothers
    (PennState News, June 26, 2014)

    Could Parenting Coaching for Expectant Couples Deliver Healthier Babies?
    (Prevention Action, November 11, 2014)

    Overcoming Pregnancy Anxiety: Building Better Relationships Relieves Stress
    (, December 10, 2014)

    Early Parental Program Improves Long-term Childhood Outcomes
    (PennState News, January 19, 2015)

    Research Projects

    Family-focused Prevention Projects

    Family Foundations (co-parenting)

    Military Family Foundations

    Siblings are Special

    Preventing Poor Pregnancy Outcomes

    Research on Biological Systems and Families

    Affective Neuroscience of Parenting

    Gene x Environment Interaction and Adolescent Substance Use

    HPA Axis, Couples Relations, and Violence

    Community Prevention

    Community Epidemiology of Adolescent Substance Use

    Communities That Care


    Adolescent Peer Networks, Substance Use, and Intervention
    (NIDA, W.T. Grant Foundation)

    (Annie E. Casey Foundation)