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Sustaining Participation in Multisector Health Care Alliances:  The Role of Personal and Stakeholder Group Influence (2018)

Funding Profiles of Multisector Health Care Alliances and Their Positioning for Sustainability (2018)



Testing a Personal Narrative for Persuading People to Value and Use Comparative Physician Quality of Care Information: An Experimental Study (2017)


Creating Unidimensional Global Measures of Physician Practice Quality Based on Health Insurance Claims Data (2016)

The Impact of Increased Availability on Consumers’ Awareness and Use of Physician Quality Information (2016)

Do Health Systems Have Consistent Performance Across Locations and Is Consistency Associated With Higher Performance? (2016)

Using Multi-Stakeholder Alliances to Accelerate the Adoption of Health Information Technology by Physician Practices (2016)

Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Influenza Vaccination of Chronically Ill US AdultsThe Mediating Role of Perceived Discrimination in Health Care (2016)

Multi-Stakeholder Alliances Play a Supporting Role in Community-Level Payment Reform (2016)

The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Health Care Alliances' Quality Improvement Efforts in Targeted Communities: Perceptions of Health Care Alliance Leaders (2016)

Electronic Health Records and Patient Activation – Their Interactive Role in Medication Adherence (2016)

Patient-Centered Medical Home Adoption: Results From Aligning Forces For Quality (2016)


Public Reporting and the Evolution of Diabetes Quality (2015)

Taking the Long View: How Well Do Patient Activation Scores Predict Outcomes Four Years Later? (2015)


What is the Cost of Diabetes Care? (2014)

Assessing Organizational Change in Multi-Sector Community Health Alliances (2014)

Patient-Physician Role Relationships and Patient Activation: The Moderating Effects of Race and Ethnicity (2014)

Leadership Transitions in Multisectoral Health Care Alliances: Implications for Member Perceptions of Participation Value (2014)

What Influences the Awareness of Physician Quality Information? Implications for Medicare (2014)

Why and How Six Aligning Forces for Quality Communities Have Focused on Reducing Disparities (2014)

Attrition in a Chronic Disease Self-Management Program and Self-efficacy at Enrollment (2014)

Governance Processes and Change Within Organizational Participants of Multi-sectoral Community Health Care Alliances: The Mediating Role of Vision, Mission, Strategy Agreement and Perceived Alliance Value (2014)

Pay-for-performance and public reporting program participation and administrative challenges among small- and medium-sized physician practices (2014)


Multistakeholder Perspectives on Composite Measures of Ambulatory Care Quality (2013)

Do Electronic Medical Records Improve Diabetes Quality in Physician Practices? (2013)

The Policy Context of Patient Centered Medical Homes: Perspectives of Primary Care Providers (2013)

Editors and Researchers Beware: Calculating Response Rates in Random Digit Dial Health Surveys (2013)

Decision-Making Fairness and Consensus Building in Multi-Sector Community Health Alliances: A Mixed Methods Analysis (2013)

Hospital Commitment to Community Orientation and Its Association with Quality of Care and Patient Experience (2013)

Use of Care Management Practices in Small- and Medium-Sized Physician Groups: Do Public Reporting of Physician Quality and Financial Incentives Matter? (2013)

Making Sense of “Consumer Engagement” Initiatives to Improve Health and Health Care: A Conceptual Framework to Guide Policy and Practice (2013)


The Aligning Forces for Quality Initiative: Early Lessons From Efforts to Improve Healthcare Quality at the Community Level (2012)

The Patient-Centered Medical Home and Patient Experience (2012)

Patient-Physician Role Relationships and Patient Activation among Individuals with Chronic Illness (2012)

Does the Patient-Centered Medical Home Work? A Critical Synthesis of Research on Patient-Centered Medical Homes and Patient-Related Outcomes (2012)

Evaluating a Community-Based Program to Improve Healthcare Quality: Research Design for the Aligning Forces for Quality Initiative (2012)

Approaches to Improving Healthcare Delivery by Multi-Stakeholder Alliances (2012)

Building the Scaffold to Improve Health Care Quality in Western New York (2012)

Producing Public Reports of Physician Quality at the Community Level: The Aligning Forces for Quality Initiative Experience (2012)

The Aligning Forces for Quality Initiative: Background and Evolution From 2005 to 2012 (2012)

Using Websites to Engage Consumers in Managing their Health and Health Care (2012)

Physician Organization-Practice Team Integration for the Advancement of Patient-Centered Care (2012)

Midterm Observations and Recommendations From the Evaluation of the AF4Q Initiative (2012)

Community-Level Interventions to Collect Race/Ethnicity and Language Data to Reduce Disparities (2012)

Patient-Centered Care and Emergency Department Utilization: A Path Analysis of the Mediating Effects of Care Coordination and Delays in Care (2012)

Chronic Illness and Patient Satisfaction (2012)

Care Coordination for the Chronically Ill: Understanding the Patient's Perspective (2012)

Barriers and Strategies to Align Stakeholders in Health Care Alliances (2012)

Fostering Change within Organizational Participants of Multisectoral Health Care Alliances (2012)


Journey Toward a Patient-Centered Medical Home: Readiness for Change in Primary Care Practices (2011)

Measuring Leadership in Multisector Health Care Alliances (2011)

Small And Medium-Size Physician Practices Use Few Patient-Centered Medical Home Processes (2011)

Consumer Trust in Sources of Physician Quality Information (2011)


A Report Card on Provider Report Cards: Current Status of the Health Care Transparency Movement (2010)

Challenges of Capacity Building in Multisector Community Health Alliances (2010)


Early Experiences With Consumer Engagement Initiatives To Improve Chronic Care (2009)