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Explore Health and Human Development

Our staff includes project managers, research technologists, and analysts who are experienced in coordinating and supporting publicly and privately funded studies and evaluations. Specializing in the multi-disciplinary field of health services research.

Managing Research Projects

Our project managers oversee the daily operations of your projects, which can involve:

  • Monitor team progress and providing regular updates
  • Develop and oversee project timelines
  • Ensure deliverables are produced on schedule
  • Communicate and build relationships
  • Manage qualitative and quantitative datasets
  • Recruit research participants

Payroll Management and Human Resources

We can help manage project staff by handling all human resources needs.

  • Negotiate cost sharing of graduate student researchers stipend and/or tuition
  • Place hiring advertisements
  • Review or filter applicants
  • Process new employee paperwork
  • Administer payroll functions
  • Advise and respond to employment or HR policy questions