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CHCPR houses extensive expertise in survey research methods including instrument development, sampling design, survey administration, and statistical analysis. We have experience with new modes of survey administration including web and mobile device based implementation.

Quantitative Data Collection & Analysis Services

  • Experience with web, mail, and telephone surveys

  • Design and develop survey instruments

  • Manage coordination with external survey vendors

  • Identify and obtain publicly available and restricted use secondary data sources

  • Analyze survey data using SPSS, SAS, and Stata — including linear and non-linear regressions, summary statistics, and creating graphs for visual analysis

Survey Research

Over time, members of CHCPR have contracted with many different survey research organizations (RTI, SSRI, Weststat and Penn State’s own Survey Research Organization), and established data use agreements to make use of valued data collection instruments, such as the Patient Activation Measure (PAM), and access many sources of secondary data including the Dartmouth Atlas.