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Building a sound research team, requires the right people. CHCPR can connect you with prospective researchers from various institutions and organizations. CHCPR will ensure you assemble the right team and facilitate communication with your collaborators.

Faculty Affiliate Services

CHCPR offers comprehensive research support services to assist our faculty affiliates in securing funding, developing collaborative relationships, and conducting their work to advance the field of health services and health care improvement.

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A community network of faculty with similar research interests to foster collaboration and increase collective impact of health services research within the university.

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Administrative Support

In support of pursuing new funding opportunities or managing finances post-award our Center can:

Research Support

In support of your day-to-day work, our Center can:

  • Staff qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research projects: our experienced research technologists and analysts will help support and implement research using qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches to interventions and evaluations
  • Manage research projects: project managers oversee your projects’ daily operations, including meeting project timelines and managing resources
  • Ensure compliance: with Institutional Review Board (IRB) applications, data use agreements, and data security plans
  • Collect and analyze data: our qualified research staff can work with you to collect and analyze qualitative data (e.g., key informant interviews, focus groups, and document review) and quantitative data
  • Conduct qualitative research training for key informant interviews, focus groups, and in person surveys: our experienced staff can conduct qualitative trainings to help design research projects, develop protocols, conduct interviews and focus groups, as well as on using qualitative software (e.g., ATLAS.ti, NVivo) to code and analyze results
  • Disseminate findings and lessons learned: our dissemination team can suggest and employ various strategies and modes to disseminate and promote your work


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