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Thomas Hess, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Genomind

In this discussion, Dennis Scanlon speaks with Thomas Hess, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Genomind to learn more about a new approach to treatment and therapy of mental health conditions using genome testing.


In this video, Mr. Hess gives an overview of Genomind and discusses the Genecept Assay, a genetic test used to inform clinicians’ decision-making when prescribing medications for people with various psychiatric conditions.


In this video Mr. Hess discusses the differentiation of patient needs. In determining which medication to prescribe, a professional, such as a psychiatrist, needs to understand a specific person’s situation because every individual is different. 


Mr. Hess explains how universities and researchers are further examining genes and how they relate to predicting mental health issues.


Mr. Hess discusses the importance of genetic testing regulations.


Mr. Hess explains how Genomind keeps patient information private through its bioinformatics group.