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Max Crowley, PhD,  Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Studies and and Director of the Social Science Research Institute's Evidence-to-Impact Collaborative

In this episode, Dennis Scanlon speaks with Max Crowley to learn more about the concept of an integrated data system and the work of the Data Accelerator and Evidence-to-Impact Collaborative at Penn State.


Max Crowley discusses the Evidence-to-Impact Collaborative and describes the concept of an integrated data system.


Max Crowley discusses how data is often one of the biggest barriers to addressing pressing social issues.


Max Crowley
Government doesn’t wait for the research. Our work operates under the theories that there are two communities, the research and policy communities, but also the importance of policy windows. If our research is going to be used appropriately and effectively, it has to be ready at the right time.
Max Crowley, Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Studies

Max Crowley explains the responses to evidence-based policy from different levels of government.


Max Crowley discusses the work the Evidence-to-Impact Collaborative has done to curate data on social determinants of health.