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Because we place a high value on the lifelong connections we forge with our alumni, we invite you to learn about the Human Development and Family Studies Affiliate Program Group, our department's alumni association.

You’ll discover ways to engage and stay active with our department throughout your professional career, including attending upcoming events, viewing pictures from past events, discovering what fellow alumni are doing, and submitting your own updates.

Penn State named No. 1 ‘powerful college network’ by College Magazine

From the day that you set foot on campus, you become a lifelong member of the Penn State family. More than 700,000 degrees have been awarded in Penn State’s storied history — from the initial 12 in 1861 to the more than 18,000 per year today — our College of Health and Human Development alumni stay connected, stay involved, and stay active in our university’s growth and success. Through a range of benefits that include mentoring, financial services, and networking opportunities, we offer experiences that pay dividends on your degree … for life. Remember, alumni involvement and feedback are critical for the department's continued success.