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In keeping with our innovative and interdisciplinary mission in Communication Sciences and Disorders, the research possibilities available here run broad and deep — with state-of-the-art research laboratories providing support, training, and in some cases, fee-for-service testing for Penn State faculty, their collaborators, and students.

For example, the Augmentative and Alternative Communication and Developmental Disabilities Laboratory houses projects that seek to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities, while the Orofacial Physiology and Perceptual Analysis (OPPAL) Laboratory focuses on ways humans process and use sensory information for the purposes of speech production and feeding. In these and other settings, CSD students not only discover whether they enjoy doing research, but also gain a better understanding of children and adults who have communication challenges.   

Explore the Penn State Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic, as well as the individual laboratory pages, to learn more about their unique offerings and the role they play in Penn State CSD research initiatives.