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Collage of images from past PSHA conference presentations

The PSHA Convention hosted by the Pennsylvania Speech-Language-Hearing Association is an annual professional education event. 

Faculty and students from the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders regularly present at PSHA, translating research to practice.

PSHA 2024 Presentations

Invited Speaker icon-olus-circle

Friday, April 12 | 10-11:30 a.m.

Dissecting Uncommon CAPD Cases

Maegan Mapes, AuD

Poster Sessions icon-olus-circle

Friday, April 12 | 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

Families-As-Knowers: Nurturing Authentic Interdisciplinary Collaborations to Support Students with Disabilities

Karla Armendariz, MA, CCC-SLP
Dana Patenaude, MEd
Lydia Ocasio-Stoutenburg, PhD

How are Adapted Video Lessons Used to Teach Writing?

Nicole Romano, MS, CCC-SLP
Jessica Caron, PhD, CCC-SLP
Salena Babb, PhD
Molly O'Brien, MS student
Margaret Lamb, MS, CCC-SLP

What Happens When You Ask Students to Write a Sentence?

Nicole Romano, MS, CCC-SLP
Jessica Caron, PhD, CCC-SLP
Salena Babb, PhD

Past PSHA Conventions

2023 icon-olus-circle

| Session 20 |

CAPD Treatment What Do I Need to Know?

Maegan Mapes, AuD, CCC-A

| Poster Sessions |

Promoting Vocal Health in Older Adults: Outreach in Care Communities

Megan Stradtman, MS, CCC-SLP, CSD PhD candidate
Sophia Benson, BS, CSD MS-SLP student
Anne Marie Kubat, MS, CCC-SLP
Nicole Etter, PhD, CCC-SLP

Supporting Decoding Skills Through an AAC App: A Case Study

Lauramarie Pope, MS, CCC-SLP
Emily Laubscher, PhD, CCC-SLP
Tara Zimmerman, PhD, CCC-SLP
Janice Light, PhD
Erik Jakobs, BA, BS
David McNaughton, PhD
Savanna Brittlebank-Douglas MS, CCC-SLP, CSD PhD candidate
Hailey Atiyeh, BS, CSD MS-SLP student
Olivia Pfaff, MS
Grace Schweizer, BS, CSD MS-SLP student
Christine Holyfield PhD, CCC-SLP

The Development and Evaluation of an Online Module in Culturally Responsive Practice in AAC

Kasie Galley, MS, CCC-SLP, CSD PhD candidate
David McNaughton, PhD
Abigail Conner, BS, CSD MS-SLP student
Emily Laubscher, PhD, CCC-SLP
Janice Light, PhD

Three Perspectives on Use and Access of AAC in Hospitals

Jenna McCrea, CSD undergraduate student
Jessica Caron, PhD, CCC-SLP
Maegan Mapes, AuD, CCC-A
Rachel Santiago, MS, CCC-SLP
Julie Burns

2022 icon-olus-circle

| Supervision Course |

Develop and Expand Your Clinical Supervision Toolkit

Elise Lindquist, MS, CCC-SLP
Anne Marie Kubat, MS, CCC-SLP

| Technical Session |

Building a Successful University-Based Voice Screening Clinic

Anne Marie Kubat, MS, CCC-SLP

| Meritorious Posters |

Application of Ecological Systems Theory on AAC Use

Megan Meneskie, BS, CSD MS-SLP student
Rachel McGurrin, BS
Hannah Stokes, CSD undergraduate student
Salena Babb, PhD
Jessica Caron, PhD

Perceptual Training Affects the Magnitude of Linguistic Release from Masking

Jacqueline M. Albor, CSD undergraduate student
Olivia A. Billetdeaux, BS
Annie J. Olmstead, PhD

Promoting Voice and Voice-Related Quality of Life in Older Adulthood

Megan Stradtman, MS, CCC-SLP, CSD PhD candidate

| Poster Sessions |

Compensation for Coarticulation in Typical Listening Situations

Tessa Arguello, CSD undergraduate student
Christian Zapata, CSD undergraduate student
Navin Viswanathan, PhD

Counseling Services in Aphasia Rehabilitation: The Effects of an Online Training and Interprofessional Collaboration

Joanne Niemkiewicz, MS, CCC-SLP, CSD PhD candidate
Chaleece Sandberg, PhD, CCC-SLP
Lauren Parker, MEd
Anne Marie Kubat, MS, CCC-SLP
Kristen Nadermann, PhD
Liza Conyers, PhD

Find the Right Fit: Interview Skills for Clinical Fellows

Elise Lindquist, MS, CCC-SLP
Jennifer Rakers, LSLS Cert AVT, CCC-SLP, UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Semantic Development of Children with Down Syndrome Who Use AAC

Sharon Sternfeld, CSD MS-SLP student

Studying Linguistic Release from Masking Using Coordinate Response Measures

Cheyanne Waller, CSD undergraduate student
Grace Caplan, CSD undergraduate student
Navin Viswanathan, PhD