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Many HDFS faculty conduct research on Adolescence and Young Adulthood. These researchers consider developmental processes from multiple levels and perspectives, including how prevention programs interact with neurobiological and genetic predispositions and how family and cultural influences interact with peer, school, and community contexts. Research projects apply innovative methods to examine both positive outcomes, such as academic adjustment, and negative outcomes, such as substance use, aggression and risk taking. Several faculty in this area focus on the effects of adversity, including the effects of socio-economic deprivation and maltreatment.

HDFS faculty who study Adolescent and Young Adulthood include:

Sunhye (Sunny) Bai

Mayra Bamaca-Colbert

H. Harrington (Bo) Cleveland

Linda M. Collins

Diana Fishbein

Lisa Gatzke-Kopp

Charles F. Geier

Mark T. Greenberg

Jennifer L. Maggs

Susan M. McHale

Jennie Noll

Nilam Ram

Chad Shenk

Samantha Tornello