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A number of faculty within HDFS study parenting, coparenting, and parent-child relationships, either as outcomes predicted by developmental history, socio-cultural forces, or individual factors, or as predictors of development in such domains as self-regulation, attachment, cognitive/academic, socio-emotional functioning, and risk behavior. Parenting processes are studied both in terms of parenting quality and specific parenting practices and routines, across multiple levels of analysis. Faculty who study parenting frequently take into account child characteristics, such as temperament and gender, which both shape parenting and influence parenting’s effects.

HDFS faculty who study Parenting, Parent-Child Relations, and Child Outcomes include:

Sunhye (Sunny) Bai

H. Harrington (Bo) Cleveland

Christian Connell

Diana Fishbein

Gregory M. Fosco

Susan M. McHale

Chad E. Shenk

Douglas M. Teti

Samantha Tornello