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Advances in mobile and computing technology are opening new possibilities to obtain biobehavioral data, to fit dynamic models to those data, and remotely deploy real-time interventions at population scale. The implications for how biopsychosociocultural development can be approached, both in principle and in practice, are tremendous. Our objective is to hasten these discoveries through development of novel study designs and analytical methods. We construct new experimental designs, integrate data collected at both ‘slow’ and ‘fast’ time-scales, and extract as much information as possible from those longitudinal data by engaging sophisticated analyses that effectively test process-oriented theory. It’s stochastic and it’s fun!

HDFS faculty who study Longitudinal Methodologies/Designs for Studying Change and Variability include:

Sunhye (Sunny) Bai

Timothy Brick

Sy-Miin Chow

Linda M. Collins

Christian Connell

Daniel Max Crowley

Diana Fishbein

Peter Molenaar

Zita Oravecz

Nilam Ram

Kenneth Shores

Martin J. Sliwinski