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Daniel Mount
Associate Professor of Hospitality Management
Professor in Charge of International Studies & Students
Summary Statement

Dan Mount's research focuses on empirical research that studies hotel guest satisfaction employee engagement and service recovery.

  • Hospitality Management - HM/SHM
  • 1991 M.B.A. Michigan State University, HRIM
  • 1995 DBA United State International University, International Business
  • 1979 B.S. Mankato State University, Finance
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Office Address
227 Mateer Building
School of Hospitality Management
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802

Professor-in-Charge of International Studies & Students

Faculty Advisor - American Hotel & Lodging Association student chapter. 


Hotel Operations, Service Management

Grants and Research Projects

Customer Call Centers: Effects of listening behavior on satisfaction & effects of e-mail response time and problem resolution on satisfaction

Non-response bias in internet guest surveys

Derivations of traditional importance-performance analysis

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