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The mission of the allinfoodz Studio is to Inform, Communicate, and Engage (ICE) the community to the foodservice system, with the purpose of enhancing our ability to make informed choices and decisions in this food system. allinfoodz Studio accomplishes this mission through its allinfoodz podcast. allinfoodz Studio is managed by the Food Decisions Research Laboratory team. allinfoodz podcast will be conducted as part of the allinfoodz studio. The episodes are inspired by personal individuals experiences, food provider points of view, and from the perspective of the food system environment.


How do we choose what to eat, where, with whom, and when?

Food sustains life and is central in cultures around the world. Now, food is the focal point of a podcast series developed by the Food Decisions Research Laboratory at Penn State and facilitators are seeking contributors from the community at large.

AllinFoodz recognized in best food podcasts 2019
Lead by Amit Sharma, HM Professor and Director of Food Decisions Research Lab, AllinFoodz addresses different trends and issues in the industry.