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Revised Professional Work Experience Requirement through Summer 2021

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the University has adjusted many policies to ensure both your safety and academic progress. Health concerns continue to require mitigation efforts. All of SHM remains committed to helping you achieve your professional and academic goals. 
Consistent with the University’s guidance on internships and academic working requirements, we have revised the 1,000 paid work hours requirement and alternative experience as a prerequisite for HM 492 through the Summer of 2021 and as a requirement to graduate.  However, there are still action items you must do:

  1. If, at any time during your summer work experience (job or internship), you plan to participate in an in-person work experience, on- or off-campus, you are required to complete the relevant Internship Exception Web Form and Acknowledgement Form at the link below. If a student is participating in a virtual internship, and the internship has an in-person component, the student must complete the Exception Web Form and the Acknowledgement Form as well. Learn more about and view the Internship Exception Web Form and Acknowledgement Form as well as a section on exclusions for experiences that do not require a review.
  2.  If you are planning to count any work experience through any in-person positions that you voluntarily pursue, you will need to fill out the professional work experience form and the payroll documentation form for any and all paid work hours you have completed as of this date.

Requests for completion of an in-person internship are reviewed and approved by the internship supervisor, under the guidance and/or after consultation with the associate dean for the academic program and relevant University offices. 

Please keep in mind that there are also many new precautions in place at different hospitality venues, offering different avenues to gain such experience and still get paid. There are new opportunities for paid hours on Nittany Lion Careers and SHM careers site, if your decision is to pursue paid positions.  
Furthermore, if you do not feel comfortable with the aforementioned options, we also have a number of alternative activities to supplement your work experience. This includes, but is in no way limited to, certifications, training, undergraduate research, and service activities. Our intent with these options is to still build your portfolio in different ways during these more difficult times. For these options to be counted toward your professional work experience, you will need to meet with Ms. Maria Kim to discuss which of these activities will best suit your career interests and help build your portfolio.