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The School of Hospitality Management (SHM) is proud to engage industry and alumni leaders in various capacities to support students, research and outreach programs in hospitality management at Penn State.

Conti Professors

Recognized leaders within the hospitality industry visit the school to interact with students and faculty, present guest lectures in hospitality and foodservice management.

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Entrepreneurship ENTI

ENTI Industry Allies are ambassadors for the School of Hospitality Management interdisciplinary, intercollegiate minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ENTI).

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Industry Advisory Board

The purposes of the industry advisory board include providing the school with strategic advice and helping strengthen our industry links for such things as career placement, education, and research, as well as to help faculty remain current about industry trends.

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Penn State Hotel and Restaurant Society

This Affiliate Program Group provides a means for achieving closer fellowship among alumni, faculty, and students. PSHRS serves graduates, those attending Penn State in HM, those who work within the Hospitality industry and have attended Penn State or are "friends" of the program.

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More Friends and Supporters

Throughout the School's long and illustrious history, many individuals have committed to being champions, supporters, and advocates for the School long before and after serving in any formal position on our boards and societies. We thank all of them for their service including these recent and long serving friends.

Ron Deis

Food Scientist
Atlas Point Technical Services

Amand Hite

President and CEO

Pam Inman

National Tour Association

Nancy Johnson

Johnson Hospitality Motivation

Stephen Rushmore, Jr.