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Explore Health and Human Development

The information presented here represents a typical course sequence for the Penn State Master of Health Administration Program. Each course is linked to the University Bulletin, which provides specific course descrptions and prerequisite information.

Year 1

Fall Semester

HPA 503 Healh Services Organizational Behavior

HPA 447 Financing Health Care

HPA 520 Introduction to Health Services Organizations and Delivery

HPA 523 Managerial Epidemiology

Spring Semester

HPA 524 Management of Health Services Organizations

HPA 835 Financial Management in Health Services Organizations

HPA 551 Quality Improvement in Healthcare

HPA 836 Health Law

Summer Semester

HPA 595 Summer Residency

Year 2

Fall Semester

HPA 850 Health Care Marketing

HPA 805 Change Leadership in Health Services Organizations

HPA 556 Strategy Development in Health Services Organizations


Spring Semester

HPA 897A Capstone

HPA 855 Information Systems in Health Services Organizations

HPA 545 Introduction to Health Economics



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