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Lion shrine on left with blue shield on right and white text that says Penn State Health Administration Case Competition Hosted by the MHA Program Sponsored by Geisinger

Penn State Health Administration Case Competition

Hosted by the Master of Health Administration Programs

The 3rd Annual Penn State Health Administration Case Competition will take place virtually from Thursday, October 28 - Sunday, October 31, 2021. Students will work in teams to develop a solution to a real-world health care challenge.

How to Register

Registration is now open on a first come, first serve basis. Teams of up to 4 students are required.

External Universities: Please register using the faculty adviser's name and email address. Be sure to have the names, email addresses, and t-shirt sizes of all team members ready when you register.

There is a $250 registration fee per first team, which includes service fees. A second team may register at a discounted price of $125. Please limit two teams per school.  To register, follow this link.

Penn State students: To register for the event, please have ready names, email addresses and t-shirt sizes of all team members when you register. Follow this link to the to register a team of 2- 4 students. While a faculty adviser is not required, we highly encourage you to have one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best way for students to prepare for the competition? icon-olus-circle

Practice reading cases together as a team and putting together a slide presentation based on the details of the case. You can review Harvard Business Review cases or ask the librarian or your faculty for a couple of cases in healthcare organizations.

Key practice points are:

  • A clear synopsis of the case,
  • issues to be addressed, and
  • solutions/recommendations

Also it is very helpful to practice presenting your slide deck together to get a sense of when to handoff to each other, how quickly you speak (everyone starts fast), who is best at explaining key points, etc. We do not have recordings of our prior case competitions, you may be able to find some on YouTube. 

How much preparation time goes into the competition? icon-olus-circle

Other than practicing together how to read and summarize cases, practicing the public speaking/presentation part is the key prep. Some teams practice 2 or 3 times, some go up to 6.

You will have from 8 a.m. when you get the case to 11:59 that night to submit your answer, so the more you practice reading a case together, and crafting a solution, the better. 

How many teams will be competing? icon-olus-circle

We don't know yet but we are limiting the number to 20 teams per category (Undergrad, First Year Masters, and online Masters).

Who is judging the competition? icon-olus-circle

First round judges will be alumni and faculty from the MHA program at University Park. Final round judges will be from the case sponsor.

What are the criteria for judging? icon-olus-circle

Judging criteria includes:

  • your presentation style, i.e., how comfortable are you presenting the solution you have created,
  • the quality of your slides, i.e., are they clear, do they support what you are saying and help to explain your solution (free of spelling errors, good design, not too many words per slide), and
  • the feasibility of your solution, i.e.,  is it reasonable given the facts of the case and does it make business sense
What are the prizes or awards for winning teams or runners up? icon-olus-circle

Each final team has the chance to win money.  

  • 1st place: $1500 
  • 2nd place: $1050 
  • 3rd place: $600 
Could a team consist of only 1 or 2 members? icon-olus-circle

You are welcome to have 2 or 3 members of a Team, but no less than 2 and no more than 4.

Can there be a 2nd year MHA Team? icon-olus-circle


Can I edit my registration? icon-olus-circle

No. If you need to change details on your registration , please e-mail and we will do it.

Can students outside of Health Policy and Administration participate? icon-olus-circle

Yes, students who are in other health programs or that have a focus in healthcare may sign-up. For example, MBA programs with a health concentration or Master of Public Health Programs.

Can I get a PO instead of using a CC? icon-olus-circle

PSU is not able to receive a PO for payment. We can accept  checks, or credit card payments.

Can I register if I don’t have a team yet in order to secure our spot? icon-olus-circle

Yes, just mark TBD for the student name and e-mail Ms. Daphne Mark ( once you have the information.

Is there a recommended dress code? icon-olus-circle

Yes. Business casual for the work day. Business Professional for all presentations.

Is there a waiting list? icon-olus-circle


Do you prefer that the team present from their respective homes without masks on or from a single location? icon-olus-circle

That is up to your team. We prefer teams be on camera but from where, is up to you.

Will the Teams be recorded during the competition? icon-olus-circle


Does each team need a different faculty advisor? icon-olus-circle


Can the teams be a mix of MHA and BHA students? icon-olus-circle

Yes. Undergraduate students may participate on MHA teams, but the team category will be determined by the highest level of represented in the team, i.e., MHA, online MHA.

2020 Penn State Health Administration Case Competition Winners

Undergraduate Programs
1st place: Megan Sturonas, Dana Varughese, Roksana Lech, Loyola University Chicago
2nd place: Kristen Rafferty, Natalie Milliken, Devi de Oliveira, Ithaca College
3rd place: Julia Wolf, Christopher Jenkins, Deirdre O’Loughlin, Rutgers University
Best Presence During Q&A Devi de Oliveira, Ithaca College

Online MHA Programs
1st place: Michelle Henton, Mikkie Chu, Yasmin Artis, George Mason University
2nd place: Caitlin Hooven, Genevieve Sigwalt, Linda Vicaro, Penn State University
3rd place: Michelle Epp; Zach Lugiano, Kyle Jones, Penn State University
Best Presence During Q&A: Michelle Henton, George Mason University

First Year MHA Programs
1st place: Mareyba Fawad, Emma Knoble, Angela Lu, Columbia University
2nd place: Vidushi Tripathi, Emma Antoine, Richard Kwon, Cornell University
3rd place: Helen Constable, Vrushangi Shah, Austin Nguyen, University of Southern California
Best Presence During Q&A: Angela Lu, Columbia University

Thank you to the following universities who participated in the 2020 event!

Carnegie Mellon University Tulane University
Central Michigan University University of California Los Angeles
Columbia University University of Georgia
Cornell University University of Louisville
George Mason University University of Memphis
Idaho State University University of Minnesota
Ithaca College University of Pittsburgh
Loyola University Chicago University of Scranton
Medical University of South Carolina University of Southern California
Rutgers University University of Utah
Texas A&M University