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The MSD platform also is very similar to ELISA tests. However, while ELISA coats the entire bottom of a 96-well plate for the solid-phase, MSD divides each well into, up to, 10-spots and coats each spot with a different analyte binding area. MSD also uses electrochemiluminescent labels that are stimulated by electricity to signal the amount of binding that has occurred. This unique technology can amplify signal strength giving very high sensitivity and large dynamic range. Despite the MSD platform only able to do up to 10 analytes per well the pricing of the kits are usually based on total number of analytes being tested as opposed to how many plates it will require. BCL testing fee is for running one kit set of analytes as purchased and includes reader fees. BCL reader fees are based on per day of use no matter the number of plates. The MSD platform offers both validated assays and customizable assays. The best choice is usually the validated assays to ensure no interference between analytes and all proper reagents are used. This will ensure optimal accuracy, trustworthiness, and repeatability.

The Meso Quickplex is an electrochemiluminescence system used to read MSD plates and is able to read a 10 analyte per well plate in just under 3 minutes.