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How do I track my progress toward graduation? icon-olus-circle

An explanation of the different tools available to track your progress can be found on the  BBH Degree Requirements page.

What courses can I choose from for certain parts of the BBH degree audit? icon-olus-circle

Several sections of the curriculum offer flexibility for students to choose courses in line with their career/graduate school goals.  See BBH Degree Requirements for details.

What are the requirements for admission to grad school/med school? icon-olus-circle

Several resources for finding such information are available on the BBH Advising Website. See Career Information.

Can I take a transfer course from another univeristy? icon-olus-circle

Probably, but there are steps to take beforehand.

  • Will the Course Count? Make sure a transfer course will count toward your degree requirements the way you anticipate. The Transfer Course Guide provides details.
  • To get the credits sent to Penn State: Arrange for the other school’s registrar or records office to mail an official transcript to: Office of Admissions, 201 Shields Building, University Park, PA 16802.  Allow several weeks for processing by both the school from which you are transferring credits and by Penn State.  Both may also charge a small processing fee.  If the credits are needed urgently for graduation, see #10 below for the Graduation Information handout.
When can I request a change-of-campus to University Park? icon-olus-circle

See Change of Campus for information on the College of Health and Human Development’s Change of Campus Policy. The change of campus request must be initiated at your campus following the procedures at your campus. See the Undergraduate Advising Handbook for more information.

What are the entrance to major requirements for BBH? icon-olus-circle

See HHD Entrance to College for information.

Who can assist me at my campus? icon-olus-circle

In addition to your assigned campus adviser being a great resource, each campus has a HHD Campus College Contact and Referral Representative. See Change of Campus for the link to contact information.

What steps should I take to prepare for the transition to University Park? icon-olus-circle

The Office of Student Orientation and Transition Programs provides helpful information to assist with the transition.