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Biobehavioral Health
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Postdoctoral Scholar

portrait of person with brown hair, wearing black shirt
Lauren Broyles (

Lauren Broyles is a postdoctoral scholar with the Population Research Institute (PRI) funded by a T-32 training grant with NICHD on Social Environments and Population Health, working primarily with Dr. Rosinger and the Water, Health, and Nutrition Lab. In her role with PRI, Lauren investigates the effects of climate variables on social and health outcomes. Lauren recently graduated in August 2023 from Penn State with a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering and a focus on water resources. During her time as a doctoral student, Lauren studied the effects of environmental seasonality and extreme weather events on household water insecurity, with a particular focus on monsoon seasonality in Bangladesh. Lauren also studied at Purdue University, where she earned her M.S. in Civil Engineering in 2015 and B.S. in Agriculture Engineering in 2013. In addition to academic pursuits, Lauren has worked with various Kenyan NGOs to help develop clean drinking water initiatives among rural pastoralist communities in Western Kenya.  

Graduate Students

photo of leslie ford
Leslie Ford (

Leslie Ford joins the Water, Health, and Nutrition Lab as a PhD student in the department of Biobehavioral Health. Leslie has a background in public health and water management with an MPH in Environmental Health from Western Kentucky University and an MSc in Water Management from UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education in Delft the Netherlands. Leslie’s research interests focus on the relationship between water and health looking primarily at how environmental and social factors influence water distributions and water procuring behaviors in marginalized and underrepresented communities.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

portrait of gabbie berger
Gabbie Berger (

Gabbie is a third-year biobehavioral health major involved in THON, a sorority, and Pre-PA club at Penn State. She is also a learning assistant for BIOL 162. In the lab, Gabbie is interested in learning about how water insecurity and dehydration impact different organ systems and physiological pathways. After graduation, she plans to enter the medical field and go to PA school. 

photo of nicole bobbie
Nicole Bobbie (

Nicole is a junior majoring in Biology and minoring in Bioethics. Her interests in the lab include human exposure to nitrate ions and the risk of relative cancers. In the future, she plans on attending medical school to become a pediatric oncologist. Outside of the lab, she is a BIO162 TA, is involved with THON, volunteers at Mount Nittany Medical Center, and enjoys hanging out with her friends, watching Netflix, and going to the gym.  

photo of zoe farrar
Zoe Farrar  (

Zoë is a senior majoring in Biobehavioral Health with a minor in Biology. Her interests in the lab include how water quality affects women's reproductive health and child development, and the human water needs in Northern Kenya. In the future, she plans on attending medical school. Outside of the lab, Zoë is president of the Biobehavioral Health Society, a member of the THON organization Hershey Kisses, and a member of the Penn State Coffee Club. 

portrait of person with red hair wearing suit and blue tie
Robert Kerner (

Rob is a Junior Biobehavioral Health major on the pre-med track. His interests in the lab include how urban water affordability affects stress and unhealthy spending behaviors. Outside of the lab, Rob volunteers as a THON captain, is a member of Penn State Thespians, and works as a counselor at Camp Sweeney. In his free time, he enjoys skiing, exercising, listening to music, and spending time with friends.   

portrait of natalie meriwether
Natalie Meriwether (

Natalie is a third-year BBH major with minors in Global Health and Diversity and Inclusion in Health and Human Development. She is interested in the connection between severe climatic events and food/water insecurity. Outside of the lab, she is involved in UNA-USA, TEDxPSU, Schreyer for Women, and Phi Sigma Pi, and she freelances for a health marketing agency. She hopes to pursue an MPH in global epidemiology after graduation. 

photo of carey musumeci
Carey Musumeci (

Carey is a senior with a major in Biobehavioral Health and a minor in Diversity and Inclusion. She has been accepted to Penn State’s integrated undergraduate/graduate program and will receive her Master's degree in Public Health. Carey’s interests in the lab lie in the gendered aspects of water insecurity, with a focus on gender-based violence towards women. After graduating, she hopes to work for the UNand help rural communities around the world increase their access to affordable and effective healthcare. Outside of the lab, Carey is involved with THON, Homecoming, Club Swim, and enjoys hiking and camping. 

photo of zee nguyen
Zee Nguyen (

Zee is a senior majoring in Biobehavioral Health. His interest in the lab includes how water quality and hydration affect people’s skin and well-being. His involvement outside of the lab includes being the secretary of the BBH society, Vietnamese Student Association, Opulence, and Pre-PA club. He enjoys exercising, dancing, listening to music, watching movies, and hanging out with friends. For future plans, he hopes to attend PA school to become a Physician’s Assistant. 

portrait of person with long hair wearing yellow hoodie on the beach
Kiera Papa ( 

Kiera is a second year studying BBH with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies. In the lab, she is interested in how climatic events like drought affect maternal and child health. Outside of the lab, she is involved in Camp Kesem, HHD Ambassadors, CHAARG, and THON. After Penn State, she hopes to attend PA school with interest in becoming a pediatric PA. 

Lab Alums

  • Dr. Hilary Bethancourt
  • Kaitlyn Barnhart
  • Sara Caldana
  • Siddhi Deshpande
  • Tate Hamilton
  • Jason John
  • Alysha Kelyman
  • Celine Latona
  • Erica Morse
  • Alexandra Tingley
  • Maddie Todd