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The focus of SNAP-Ed is to educate children and their families on healthy eating and movement. We provide schools and teachers with the curriculum and the tools they need to get kids excited about new and interesting fruits and vegetables! We also create materials and activities that advocate active play, and teach kids how important it is to get out and move every single day. Another aspect of our project is leading store tours with our participating classes and their families, and showing them how to shop healthy (on a budget)!

What is SNAP?

The Supplemental Nutrition Assitance Program (SNAP) helps eligible, low-income individuals and families in Pennsylvania. SNAP benefits are provided monthly via an Electronic Benefit Transfer card, which recipients use to purchase foods at their local grocery stores and farmers markets. SNAP benefits are not cash, and can only be used on food purchases.

Some quick facts about SNAP

-SNAP is 100% federally funded

-There are 1.8 million people on SNAP in PA

-SNAP improves: high school graduation rates, future adult earnings, and future adult health for children who receive it.

To help illustrate SNAP, view this infographic.