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BBH Course Enrollment Procedures

Beginning with course registration in Fall 2019 for the Spring 2020 semester, the College of Health and Human Development and the Department of Biobehavioral Health will implement automatic enforcement of course prerequisites. Students will be required to meet course prerequisites as published in the University Bulletin. Students will be allowed to enroll, conditionally, in courses that require prerequisites if, based on their current official enrollment, they will satisfy the course requirements prior to the beginning of the course for which they wish to enroll.

An exception to published prerequisites can be requested by reviewing the College of Health and Human Development Override procedures. Requests for exceptions must be submitted in writing using the form on the College of Health and Human Development website. Students wishing to take a course for which they do not have the prerequisites should consult with their assigned BBH Academic Advisor about the appropriateness of the request.  Requests made with the online form must include all supporting documentation.

Please review the College of Health and Human Development procedures on course disenrollment for students who fail to successfully complete the enforced prerequisites.