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Admissions Committee

The committee will meet as required. The committee shall

  1. Develop and recommend to the Director appropriate guidelines for admission of students for graduate study in nutrition.
  2. Evaluate and make recommendations on admission of candidates for graduate study.
  3. Report to the Steering Committee and the Program's faculty either orally or in writing concerning its activities at least once a year.

Graduate Student Grievance Committee

Three faculty members appointed by the Director and one student elected by the Graduate Student Association will constitute the committee. The committee will meet as required. Guidelines for addressing grievances include:

  1. A student with a grievance should refer to the "Resolution of Problems" procedures of the Graduate Degree Programs Bulletin. For any problem arising within the GPN, the student is encouraged to file a grievance with the Graduate Student Grievance Committee before approaching The Graduate School about the issue. The identity of the chair of the committee will be announced at the beginning of each academic year, and can be obtained from the professor-in-charge of the GPN.
  2. Within two weeks of receipt of the grievance, the committee shall make a preliminary investigation to determine if all methods have been exhausted and, if not, make appropriate recommendations to the grieved member.
  3. If all other methods have been exhausted, the committee shall inform the person(s) allegedly responsible for the grievance in writing, providing an opportunity for a written response or personal interview.
  4. The committee may then conduct additional interviews and shall be authorized to obtain all documents pertinent to the grievance from members of the program, and other sources as appropriate.
  5. Upon completion of this investigation, the committee shall make its recommendation to the professor-in-charge of the GPN, the grieved member and the person(s) allegedly responsible for the grievance. The professor-in-charge of the GPN, upon receipt of the recommendation, may request additional supportive information from the committee and both parties involved in the decision.
  6. Decisions reached at the Program level may be appealed through the appropriate college or campus official or committee. Both parties involved in the grievance shall be informed by the professor-in-charge of the GPN as to the appropriate procedures to follow.
  7. At least one copy of the complete case file shall remain intact and not be removed from the Program office. The case file shall be available for examination by those directly involved in the grievance or those authorized representatives in the appropriate College or Campus officers or committees responsible for handling grievances at their levels.

Ad Hoc Committees

As needed or as required by faculty action, Ad Hoc Committees may be appointed by the Professor-in-Charge of the GPN following consultation with the Steering Committee. The composition and term of appointment will vary with charge to the Committee. Conclusions from study and deliberations by these committees shall be reported to the faculty