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Nutritional Sciences
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Student explaining his poster presentation to fellow students.

From Foods, to Diet Choice, to Metabolism, to Personal Health, to Public Health, to Global Health—Penn State covers it all…

As a Penn State Nutritional Sciences (NUTR) major, you’ll explore this fascinating concept to learn how the human body transforms food into usable energy to perform the scores of activities that are vital to our everyday lives. You’ll also study how our food choices impact bodily changes like illness, disease, and pregnancy — as well as how exercise affects digestion and healthy living.

As a Nutritional Sciences major, you’ll learn from faculty who are leaders in the field and be able to delve deeply into cutting-edge nutritional science and practical applications that promote positive lifestyle changes. By understanding how the body uses nutrients for growth, development, and optimal health throughout the lifecycle, you will be able to prepare for a variety of positions in the healthcare, industry, government, and academic sectors, or continue your studies in a graduate or professional school.

Nutritional Sciences at Penn State is one of the most respected programs of its kind in the nation.