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Students working on a project in a lab.

Surely, you’ve heard the expression “you are what you eat” — but have you ever taken time to understand how important our food choices really are?

Solidly rooted in the sciences of chemistry, biology, physiology, psychology, neuroscience, behavior, and development, the Nutritional Sciences (NUTR) undergraduate program at Penn State examines how food fuels our bodies and how nutrition choices affect every facet of health over time.


B.S. in Nutritional Sciences

This broad program provides unique learning and research opportunities that help shape critical thinkers, well-rounded lifelong learners, and future leaders in Nutritional Science. You’ll accumulate foundational knowledge and skills needed to pursue either a health-related pre-professional program or an advanced graduate degree. In addition many of our graduates enter careers in public health nutrition, community nutrition, research, industry, or food systems management. As a Nutritional Sciences major, you may choose a Behavioral Nutrition and Public Health, Nutritional Physiology and Biochemistry, or Nutrition and Dietetics option, with access to additional subject areas of emphasis to meet your individual interests and career goals.


Nutritional Sciences Minor