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BBH Incoming Grad Students 2019
Welcome incoming class of 2019!

Our innovative, interdisciplinary in-person Ph.D. program in Biobehavioral Health (BBH) examines the intersection of biological, psychological, social,environmental, and cultural influences on health and disease throughout the lifespan. It is the fundamental principle of our department that an integrative approach to health research and health care holds the greatest potential to advance health.

Training Overview

Graphic description the BBH Training Domain: Behavior, Psychology, Social Sciences; Public and Global Health, Health Policy; Biology, Neuroscience, GeneticsWe cover three primary training domains as related to health as shown here. In addition, we train applicants in the statistical and procedural methods needed for success in all three domains, and in ethics and professional development. BBH also values diversity and views it as a critical factor in understanding health disparities and advancing health.

Career Paths

We train and develop the next leaders in basic, mechanistic, and applied research that addresses fundamental issues in health and prevention throughout the lifespan. Graduate students go on to careers as academic professors, researchers, educators, policy-makers, and interventionists; they work in diverse settings, including academia, research centers, government, health care facilities, and private industry.