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The Tourism Research Lab provides innovative solutions for tourism planning and management and contributes to interdisciplinary advances in tourism theory.

The Lab houses an eclectic team of faculty, students, and associates interested in:

  • Documenting the cultural, economic, and social impacts of tourism on communities in developed and developing countries.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of promotional activities and materials.
  • Developing strategic plans for sustainable tourism products, services, and communities.
  • Communicating research findings to industry partners, community organizations, and academicians.
  • Working towards the creation of policy that will improve recreation/tourism planning regionally, nationally, and globally.
  • Building capacity through the creation of research assistant positions for doctoral and post-doctoral students.

Current Lab Initiatives

Ongoing research falls under one of five current lab inititatives:

  1. International Service and Educational Mobilities
  2. Tourism Planning, Disparities, and Human Development
  3. Tourism Marketing and Management
  4. Representing and Consuming Cultures and Identities
  5. Leisure Travel and Well-being

Faculty and Affiliates

Read more about faculty and research assistants affiliated with the Tourism Research Lab.


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