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Two computers in the foreground and two instructors working with a golfer in the Golf Teaching and Research Center

The Golf Teaching and Research Center (GTRC) is a unique teaching and research venture designed to lead university instructional and scholarly initiatives related to the golf industry.

Using innovative technology, faculty and staff in Penn State’s GTRC can pinpoint errors that occur in a golfer’s swing, short game, equipment, and more. They are able to see parts of a swing that most people can’t see, giving golfers new tools to enhance their skills. GTRC instructors combine their advanced knowledge and experiences, along with the golf industry’s most sophisticated technologies, to help improve a golfer’s performance.

Collaborative Research

By combining university resources (PGA Golf Management program, Department of Kinesiology, and Penn State Athletics) with golf industry leaders, we are able to collaborate on innovative research projects and product testing.

Innovative Technology

The GTRC’s innovative teaching technologies include multiple motion capture systems, a 3D Doppler radar ball flight machine, a putting green, and equipment for modifying clubs.

Serving Golfers

The GTRC offers services and instruction to golfers of all skill levels and ages. We have the abilities to evaluate all aspects of the game, but tend to focus on golf swing efficiency, physical abilities, and putting.

Fitness and Golf Biomechanics

GTRC instructors partner with Penn State’s Department of Kinesiology to provide a multifaceted approach to enhancing golf instruction that draws upon knowledge of the golf swing, biomechanics, and fitness.