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Application Requirements

  1. A minimum of a 3.0 grade-point average (on a 4.0 scale) for the junior and senior years of undergraduate study
  2. A recent GRE score (within five years) - Results from a recent Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test. Note: We do not accept GMAT, requirement is GRE only. Penn State's institution code is 2660 and the department code for RPTM is 0111:
    1. Photocopies are accepted but originals must be furnished before final acceptance into the program
    2. Suggested scores for acceptance: Verbal 470, (old) 151 (new), Quantitative 610, (old) 149 (new), Analytical 3.5
  3. A resume
  4. Three letters of reference
  5. A written statement of objectives for undertaking graduate study, with an indication of desired career and research focus
  6. A completed Application for Graduate Admission and Financial Assistance
  7. (International Students): A Recent TOEFL (IDT) 80, speaking component must be 19 or higher score, We do accept IELTS: 6.5 or higher. Results from a recent Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test. Penn State's institution code is 2660. Please feel free to visit TOEFL for some helpful resources.
  8. A phone interview with a member of the graduate faculty (International Students Only): faculty will contact applicant to set up interview

Application Deadlines*

Fall Semester - Jan 15 of any year
Spring Semester - October 1 of any year

*These deadlines are recommended; however, applications will be considered throughout the year. Assistantship decisions begin in February of each year.

Application Process

The process of applying for admission to graduate school at Penn State requires the following application materials, some of which are submitted to The Graduate School (Part 1) and others than must be sent directly to this graduate program (Part 2).

Part 1

How to Apply Graduate School's Application Portal/Requirements for Graduate School Admission

As part of the online application process, applicants are required to electronically upload copies of transcripts (or equivalent documents for institutions outside the U.S., e.g., degree/study certificates, diplomas, etc.) from all post-secondary institutions attended, in the language of instruction (and copies of an official English translation if English is not the language of instruction). Applicants recommended for admission who accept an offer through the online graduate admission system will be notified by the Graduate School that official/original transcripts/documents must be sent from the originating institutions in the official language of the institution(s) attended (and if the language of instruction is not English, an official English translation must also be sent). The Graduate School will review all official documents to finalize the offer of admission. An offer of admission will be revoked if official/original documents are not received by the Graduate School within specified deadlines, or if official/original documents differ from the copies uploaded by the applicant prior to the offer of admission. For applicants whose degree conferral is in progress at the time of uploading copies, the deadline specified for receipt of official/original documents will allow for the passage of the reported date of degree conferral, and that conferral must be confirmed on the official/original documents received by the Graduate School, in order for the offer of admission to be finalized.

Applicants must upload a copy of his/her official transcript at time of application. Upon program offer acceptance-applicants will be directed to submit official transcripts to appropriate admissions staff.

Part 2

Mail the following items to Recreation, Park and Tourism Management Department, Graduate Program, 801 Ford Building, University Park, PA 16802:

  1. Two official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions. (Take Note: Our office will eventually need to have copies of your transcripts, although you are uploading a copy at time of application process)
    • International applicants must submit official or attested university records (with certified translations if the records are not in English)
    • Notarized copies are not sufficient
  2. GRE scores: Photocopies will be accepted initially but official copies are necessary for final acceptance into the program.
  3. Application for Graduate Admission and Financial Assistance(may be uploaded directly via the online application)
  4. RPTM Graduate Letters of Recommendation(may be uploaded directly via the online application)
  5. Resume (may be uploaded directly via the online application)
  6. Autobiographical Statement or Personal Statement of Purpose (may be uploaded directly via the online application)

Financial Support

Several forms of financial support are available for graduate students in leisure studies. These include assistantships, fellowships, student loans, grants-in-aid, and wage payroll. Graduate assistantships are funded both through the university and from faculty research grants. A small number of wage payroll opportunities are available

For More Information

Please contact Priscilla Cetnar at 814-863-6599 or