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The following College of Health and Human Development Return to Work process is effective July 1, 2020.  All University and college procedures related to return to work are subject to change. 


Employees who are approved to return to work are subject to random COVID testing and will need to monitor their email for notification of their selection for random testing.

Approval Process icon-olus-circle

Pre-approval Step:

If an individual faculty or staff member currently working remotely needs to return to working partially or completely on-site, the individual must first discuss the need with their immediate supervisor. If both parties agree, the supervisor would then submit the return to work request.

Step 1

Supervisor, center director, unit head, or department head completes and submits the Return to Work Request to Erica Lutz (see Step 2 for instructions). When requesting return of a group of employees, one form should be submitted (do not submit a separate form for each individual within a group).

The requester will be asked for a brief description of the work done by the employee, or group of employees, returning and why that work must be done on-site and not remotely.

In the description, please include the following:

  • Reason for the request.  (Mere convenience or a desire for increased productivity is not a sufficient reason to request that an employee return to working on campus.)
  • Time sensitivity of work
  • Risk related to the spread of COVID-19
  • Requirements for proximity relative to available space (ability of space to accommodate physical separation among personnel)
  • Density of personnel in building/floor/hallway
  • Requirements for custodial or other staff efforts (e.g., sanitizing workspace, disposal of hazardous waste, safety inspections, etc.)

In addition to the above, requestors will be asked to describe the precautions to ensure health and safety for all those in your workspace.  Items to include are:

  • Cleaning protocols, including plans for wiping down equipment, door handles, and any other frequently touched surfaces upon entry and exit
  • Communication plan with employees who will be working on campus (this includes those already approved to work on campus as well as those for whom approval is being sought), as applicable 
  • Detailed schedule of personnel to access the on-campus facilities to achieve social distancing requirements, to be posted outside the door

Step 2

When the form is completed, the requestor will be asked “Does this form need to be reviewed or edited by another person prior to sending for approvals?”  Select Yes and enter Erica Lutz ( as the reviewer.

Step 3

If approved at the college level, the request will be sent to the University Officials for approval. If denied, notification will be sent to the requestor and will include the reason for the denial. 

Step 4

Requestor receives notification from system when approved at the University level.  Please note:  Requests that involve Return to Research must have additional approvals through Research Office before returning to work/research.

Return to Research

Step 5

Once notified of approval to return and under what conditions/schedule. Manager verifies that a COVID-19 Safety Procedures for Businesses flyer is posted near the spaces that will be occupied. If a poster is not present the manager prints and posts a copy in the workspace.

Faculty and Staff are also encouraged to download the  Penn State Go app which provides access to the Coronavirus symptom checker.

Step 6

Supervisor will review established personal safety practices and instructions for responding to reported cases (suspected and confirmed) of COVID-19. Supervisor will notify all returning employees of obligations and ensure that all members of the work group understand these expectations and obligations.

Changing Work Status From Working Onsite to Remote icon-olus-circle

For employees who were previously approved to work onsite (completely or partially) and will now be working completely remotely, please discuss with your supervisor.  Your supervisor will then send an email to Erica Lutz approving the change in your work status.