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What is Health and Human Development?

Diverse fields of study that share one
common goal: enriching the lives of others.

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  • October 2020 - Participant Payment GL, GL Parking Permits & Portfolio Fees (see April 21'), How to Find Your Department IO's (Cost Objects Dashboard)
  • November 2020 - JE Entries/AP Invoices detail, SAP Allocations for Report, JE for Cash Deposits
  • December 2020 - Finance Office Resources Webpage, Personal funds should not be used, Non-Research gift cards, Cash Deposit Reminder (use document type YC)


  • January 2021 - Format for naming shopping carts and SAP Reports, NEI for Non-employees, Goods Confirmation Process in SIMBA
  • February 2021 - JE Entries/AP Invoices detail reminder, Software Request Form, General Office vs Lab Supplies GL's
  • March 2021 - SIMBA Wire Payments, Capital GL's, Background/Fingerprinting Fees, How to view parked documents, ShopOnlion Delivery Date, Conference & Seminar Registration GL
  • April 2021 - Wearable Technology, Credit by Portfolio Fees, New GL's (Books, Bindings, Videos, CDs), SIMBA: Guide to Verify Check Number
  • May 2021 - Shopping Carts & Lion Marketplace Cart (Goods Confirmation), Gift Cards (Request Form/Prior Approval), Memberships, Supp I Payments, General Funds Budgeting
  • June 2021 - Product Category (Purchasing) vs GL Account (Finance), Purchase Order Option Line Guidance Form, Labor Distribution
  • August 2021 - How to Edit a Rejected Document/Back Into Approval Flow, Pcard for Travel, GL Account/Expense Type Updates
  • September 2021 - Group Meal/Meeting Expense GL's (*some GL's have changed due to decommissioning as of 6/30/22)
  • October 2021 - Helpful SIMBA Fiori Tiles (HCM PERNR, Display Internal Order, Cost Objects Dashboard, Budget vs Actual by Funds Center)
  • November 2021 - Pcard Spending Limits, How to Request a Temporary Increase, How to Cancel a Pcard, How to Clear a Fraudulent Charge
  • December 2021 - Cost Transfers, Honorarium Payment Form, Research Request/Approval for Restricted GL's, DBAF Clearing Accounts, Reminder: Personal funds should not be used, All PSU Employee Meal Charges on Travel


  • January 2022 - Goods Confirmation Process in SIMBA (When to Submit, How to Find Orders Requiring Confirmation)
  • February 2022 - Mid-Year Budget Clean Up, Reinstating Pcards, Reminder: Research Request Review/Approval for Restricted GL's, GURU News
  • March 2022 - Processing JE's, Group Meals, OGE/MGR/Endowment Reporting
  • April 2022 - Goods Confirmation, GURU Forms 
  • May 2022 - SAP Expense Report Attachments (G&S Only)
  • June 2022 - Pcard Reinstatement Request, Research Participants Payments (Subject Payments), Reminders for SAP Concur Reports
  • August 2022 - Pcard Reminders (Workflow Approvals, Policy & Procedure, Transferring or Leaving), SAP New User Interface
  • November 2022 - Accepted Caterers, GL Accounts (Publication Fees, Health & Medical Services)


  • January 2023 - Parked Document Report, Gift Card Reminder, 2023 IRS Mileage Rate
  • March 2023 - Defining Acronyms, Travel News, ISR Decommissioned
  • April 2023 - Budget Clean UP, HHD Mileage Overage Policy, Reminder: Personal funds should not be used
  • July 2023 - Event Expenses on Grants, Software on Personal Computers
  • August 2023 - GL Accounts Decommission List, Event Expenses - Unallowable, Visitor Parking Permits
  • October 2023 - Purchase Order Change Form (ServiceNow), Pre-Approved Hardware Ordering List, Pre-Approved Software
  • December 2023 - Non-Employee Information (NEI) Form, Non-Employee Travel Reimbursement Form, Redesigned Sole Source Justification Form, Reminder: Cost Transfers


  • February 2024 - University Guest Presenter Agreement, Team Shopping Cart, Authorized Signatures-Contractual Documents
  • March 2024 - Memberships, Travel Policy Update, Journal Entry of Incoming Funds, Event Expenses with Alcohol
  • April 2024 - Sole Source Justification Form, Blocked Invoice Report, Request for Cash Advance Form
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