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Lifetime Passwords: A new approach to passwords. The password you choose should be both difficult for someone else to hack or guess, and easy for you to remember.

What’s Happening

Penn State IT is implementing significant changes to the University’s password policies in order to align with the latest industry best practices. As a result, all faculty, staff, and technical service employees are required to choose a new, non-expiring Lifetime Password by May 12, 2021.


What You Need To Do

  • To learn about Penn State’s new password requirements and find tips for choosing a secure and easy-to-remember password, visit
  • To set your new password visit, log in, then click on “Security Settings”
  • IMPORTANT! Immediately after changing your password: If you have a University-owned device AND you use your Penn State user ID and password to log in to it, follow the instructions in Sync My Penn State Computer Password
  • For additional steps you may need to take, as well as resources for any issues you may encounter visit After You Change Your Penn State Password


What Happens If I Don't Change My Password By May 12

If you haven’t changed your password by May 12, you will receive an error message and be required to change it before you can log in to WebAccess

Benefits Of A Lifetime Password

  • Your new Lifetime Password will never expire, so you’ll never be required to change it again unless someone gains access to your user ID and password
  • You can create a longer passphrase, sentence, or series of words that are meaningful to you alone. See Choosing Your Penn State Account Password


Resolving Issues


Get Help

Contact the IT Service Desk or ISS. This change is being planned and deployed by PS IT.