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Lost or Stolen Technology

Please notify ISS as soon as possible when you experience loss or theft of University property that we provide support for. We have responsibilities to Police Services and to the Office of Information Security which must be met directly after the equipment is noted as missing. Send us an email with details of the event ASAP! You should then work with an ISS Consultant on a replacement.

Compromised PCs and PII

If you are one of the unfortunate PC users in our College who suffered a compromise, this document will help you understand what is happening before we pay you a visit and ask you to turn your PC over to us. There is a FAQ at the end of the document listing some of the more frequent questions we get on this process.

The University uses a software package called Spirion to look for PII on a computer. Spirion intelligently searches the deepest recesses of your computer disk to uncover sensitive information and then allows you to use the built-in tools to protect that information by permanently shredding it, scrubbing it clean, securing it with a password, or quarantining it to a secure location.

For more information on how you can use Spirion to scan your computer for PII contact ISS at