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One of the methods of cyber attack seen frequently at Penn State is called Phishing. Phishing attacks start with an e-mail,  e-mails that take the form of false alerts, UPS and FEDEX package delivery notices, account lockout notices and other messages designed to grab your attention.

The email system at Penn State is operated by EIT, the central IT body of the University. ISS has no ability to prevent Phishing messages from appearing in your mail box. The only steps we can take to protect us are to be vigilant and observant when reading emails and clicking on links in those messages, and then to report what appear to be Phishing attempts to OIS.

To report a Phishing e-mail and to learn more about Phishing, please visit:

Please use caution while processing your e-mail. Delete any messages that you're not expecting or that seem odd. When in doubt, check with ISS before clicking any links in suspect e-mails. If you have already clicked a link and entered your username and password, be sure to change it immediately at  Follow the instructions on that page to change your password.