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4 quick tips for supplying a great photo or short video.

Icon; asking for help
Icon; asking for help
Tip 1: Ask for help
Ask a family member or friend to take the photo—keep social distancing in mind.

Ask someone to help you take your photo or use a tripod or a phone holder with a timer. 

Examples and options getting images taken during COVID


Icon; camera horizontal
Icon; camera horizontal
Tip 2: Take horizontal (landscape) photos
When taking the photo, have the phone or camera positioned horizontally.

The first image shows the ideal framing for the original image. The Second Image shows a portrait crop and the third image shows a square crop

Three photos showing the versatility taking a landscape image.


Icon; Lighting Source
Icon; Lighting Source
Tip 3: Lighting Source
Look towards the lighting source and ensure that it lights your face evenly.

The first photo shows the subject is evenly lit. The next three are common mistakes that are made. The second photo has a light source behind the subject, which makes the subject too dark. The third photo shows a bright and harsh light, which creates shadows on the subject. Lastly, the fourth photo shows a lack of sufficient light, which causes the subject is too dark.

There are 4 photo options showing optimal lighting, and also 3 common mistakes; over exposure, under exposure and backlit.


Icon; Optimal Framing
Icon; Optimal Framing
Tip 4: Framing and positioning your photo
For optimal framing position yourself slightly off-center and at an angle to the camera.

The first photo shows optimal framing. The next four are common mistakes that are made such as; cutting off the subject, too close to the edge of the frame, odd angles, and having too much foreground.

There are 5 photo options showing optimal framing, and also 4 common mistakes; Cutting off the subject, too close to the edge of the frame, odd angles and too much foreground.


Once you have a photo you like, please share the image file from your phone or camera with your contact on the HHD Communications Team.