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To provide and maintain safe, functional and effective environments for HHD faculty, staff and students in support of their academic, research, service and administration goals.

Critical Functions

  • HHD facilities data in LionSpace (OPP facilities information system)
  • Relocations of office furniture and equipment
  • Key custodian and master access coordinator (CCure)
  • OPP Project and Renovation Requests
  • Safety Programs
  • Property Inventory
  • HHD facility scheduling in 25Live
  • Physical Security
  • Parking
  • Mail delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours of operation for Facilities? icon-olus-circle

The Facilities office is open weekdays from 8AM to 4:30PM.

Where is the Facilities team located? icon-olus-circle

In the HHD building in rooms 140, 341 and 342.  Please stop by for an introductory visit or to learn more about facilities in HHD/Penn State.

How do I submit a request for assistance with a facilities issue? icon-olus-circle

Requests should be coordinated through the facilities POC for your unit/department.  A list of unit POCs is attached below.

I noticed something that doesn’t seem right (a continuously running faucet) or appears potentially dangerous (ice on an untreated sidewalk). Whom should I notify? icon-olus-circle

Please note the basic details of the situation (e.g.: time, location and issue) and send this information to either your unit facilities POC or Kevin Kelliher via email or phone call.

How many locations are in the HHD facilities portfolio? icon-olus-circle

HHD currently operates from 13 locations on the UP campus with 3 off-campus locations (2 in State College and 1 in Altoona).

What are the current major projects or active plans for HHD? icon-olus-circle

There are no HHD initiatives specified in the current Penn State Capital Plan 2018-2023 however there are a number of active projects across the college.  The two largest active HHD projects are a Systems Upgrade in the Henderson Building (potentially involves the installation of an ADA compliant elevator, redesigned restrooms and upgrades to mechanical systems) and a renovation of the Marriott Foundation Building (formerly the Oak Building) to support improved academic programs in the School of Hospitality Management.

Key Related Resources

Penn State Capital Plan 2018-2023

Personnel List

Appointment Type
Accepting Graduate Students?
Facilities Specialist
Summary Statement

Ryan is the HHD liaison with the Office of Physical Plant, Renovation Services, and outside vendors for reactive/preventative maintenance and project coordination along with serving as the HHD parking chair and the access coordinator.

  • Facilities
Operations Manager
  • Health and Human Development
Building Attendant
  • Facilities