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What is Health and Human Development?

Diverse fields of study that share one
common goal: enriching the lives of others.

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  • Think more broadly than within the boundaries of our units and our university.  

  • To investigate best practices that might enhance our college’s and campus’ sustainability and minimize their impact in terms of resource extraction and use and the associated impact on health and wellness.  

  • Recognize faculty, staff, and students in their sustainability efforts.  

  • Assist the community (alumni, industry partners, local communities, and others) to recognize the complex relationship between the environment, health and inequities. 


The council will identify objectives under each of the focal activities in context of the diversity of the departments and schools in the College of Health and Human Development to ensure equity and inclusion.   

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Through our teaching, we will enhance the understanding of sustainability, especially as it relates to health, wellness, economic and community development, climate change, environment, and human development, and enhance the knowledge of our graduates to apply the concepts and practices in their professional, personal and civic lives.  We will accomplish this through curricular and co-curricular activities that explicitly incorporate the principles of sustainable development.    

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Through our research, we will create and disseminate knowledge that focuses on sustainable health and wellness behaviors in context of their impact on society as whole. We will do this by actively engaging faculty to incorporate sustainability in their areas of research, and by leveraging the strong culture of research and inquiry that exists among the diverse group of HHD faculty. 

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Through our outreach, we will work with industry partners and other external stakeholders to collaboratively provide thought leadership in understanding and implementing sustainable health and wellness practices that will positively impact the accomplishment of sustainable development indicators broadly in the society.  We will do this by actively engaging with these stakeholders in each of our focal activities.

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Through our operations, we will be aware of the environmental and other impacts on sustainability of our operational practices.  We will enhance our understanding of the impact these operational activities have on the environment, climate change, and other aspects of sustainability.  As feasible and appropriate, we will be the resource to identify changes needed and their implementation to make our operations incrementally more sustainable over time.

Top Five Sustainability Goals in HHD

Top Five Sustainability Goals in HHD