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Adrian Benedetti | Doctoral Candidate |

M.S. Colorado State University, Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
B.S. University of Colorado, Humanities

Research Interests: Visitor Use Protected Areas, Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Use and Management, Tourism and Community Development

Jordan Blair | Doctoral Candidate |

M.S. Slippery Rock University, Parks and Recreation & Environmental Education
B.S. Clarion University, Biology, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Research Interests: Environmental Education, Environmental Impacts of Tourism, Marine Tourism and Outdoor Recreation

Sam Chaar | Doctoral Candidate |

M.S. Penn State University, Leisure Studies and Hospitality Management
B. S. Hotel Management, ESU

Research Interests: Safety and Security in the Tourism Industry

Shang-Ti Chen | Doctoral Candidate |

M.S. National Changhua University of Education, Sports and Health
B.S. National University of Kaohsiung, Kinesiology, Health and Leisure Studies

Research Interests: Leisure Education Program Planning, Good Life, Leisure and Aging, Momentary Life Events

Heather Costigan | M.S. Candidate |

B.S. Lock Haven University, Health Science

Research Interests: Nature and Health, Soundscapes, Night Sky Pollution

Matthew Enderle | M.S. Candidate |

B.S. Penn State University, Recreation, Park and Tourism Management

Research Interests: Visitor Use of National Parks, National Park Management Strategies, Natural and Cultural Resource Protection, Environmental Ethics, Interpretive Services

Stephanie Freeman | |

Milan Green | |

Lucy Harbor | Doctoral Candidate |

B.A. Indiana University, Event Planning

Research Interests: Human Dimensions of Natural Resources, Socio-Ecological Impacts of Parks and Protected Areas, Natural Resource-Dependent Communities, Nature-based Tourism

Jahmaad Harrell | M.S. Candidate |

B.S. Mississippi College, Exercise Science

Research Interests: Psychological Responses to Recreational Programs, Community Recreation, Physical Activity Programming

Tammy Koerte | Doctoral Candidate |

M.S. Pennsylvania State University, Recreation, Park and Tourism Management
B.S. Purdue University, Hospitality and Tourism Management

Research Interests: Tourism and Community Development, Youth Development in a Tourism Context

Rui Li | M.S. Candidate |

B. S. German, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Research Interests: Environmental Conservation, Wildlife Conservation, Combination of Environmental Conservation and Recreation

Christa Mahlobo | M.S. Candidate |

B.S. Louisiana State University, Kinesiology - Human Movement Science

Research Interests: Race/Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Status as Determinants of Health, Individuals and Community Health Programming, Identification of Health Risk Factors, and the Intersection of Different Dimensions of Identity and Health Outcomes

Timothy Mateer | |

Lauren Mullenbach | Doctoral Candidate |

M.S. University of Georgia, Forest Resources
B.S. University of Georgia, Psychology

Research Interests: Urban Parks, Community Health, and Gentrification

Ryan Naylor | |

Jerrica Oliver | Doctoral Candidate |

M.S. University of Miami, Mental Health Counseling
M.S. University of Central Florida, Applied Exercise Physiology
B.A. Howard University, District of Columbia, Psychology

Research Interests: Mental Health, Career Transition for Collegiate Athletes, Specialized Curriculum for Athletes, Academic Achievement through Youth Sport Participation

Maxwell Olsen | Doctoral Candidate |

B.A. St. Lawrence University,

Research Interests: Outdoor Recreation Behavior, Human Dimensions of Natural Resource and the Environment

So Young Park | Doctoral Candidate |

M.S. Korea University, Economics
B.S. Korea University, Economics

Research Interests: Web Data Analysis, Big Data in Tourism, Tourist Behavior

Sammie Powers | Doctoral Candidate |

M.S. University of New Hampshire, Recreation Management and Policy
B.S. University of New Hampshire, Recreation Management and Policy & International Affairs

Research Interests: Intercultural Sensitivity, Cultural Geography of Leisure, Intercultural Contact Through Leisure, Community Development

Maria Jose Ramirez | Doctoral Candidate |

M.S. University of Ottawa, Intervention and Consultation in Sport, Physical Activity and Health
B.S. Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Organizational Psychology

Research Interests: Long-term influence of expedition in participants' lives, Experiential Education, Personal Development, Reflection, Youth Development through Sports, Expeditions for Youth Development

Will Rice | Doctoral Candidate |

B. S. Clemson University, Natural Resource Economics and Policy

Research Interests: Visitor Use of Public Lands, Ecological Services, Non-Market Valuation, Soundscapes

Vincent Santucci | Doctoral Candidate |

M.S. University of Pittsburgh,
B.S. University of Pittsburgh,

Research Interests: Paleontological Resources Management, Protection, Interpretation & Research

Kimberly Wallace (Davis) | |