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Dietetics option students are required to take NUTR 371, a class that guides them through the application process. The information provided in NUTR 371 is outlined below for students enrolled in the program as well as for program graduates. Please read this carefully as it provides specific instructions to help make the application process go smoothly:

Select the DI programs that best fit your interests and goals

Individuals should consider the admission criteria, type of internship, location, cost, need for support, number of students accepted, and additional experiences the DI program offers when making their decision.

  • Learn about the accredited DI programs.
  • Attend the DI program open house and webinars, or make an appointment to visit the DI program in person. This information is typically available on the DI webpage.
  • Set up an appointment with the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) director to answer your questions about the DI programs.
  • The DPD program at Penn State provides a detailed Supervised Practice Guide for students to use when they are enrolled in NUTR 371.
  • DI program application fees: $30-$75 depending on the DI program.

Know the application due dates

Apply using the Dietetic Internship Centralized Application Service (DICAS)

The majority of the DI programs use DICAS for their application process. DICAS is an online application service that allows students to submit all of their application materials into one place and then select the DI programs to which they wish to apply. This service has several advantages in that it reduces the printing and copying costs of sending out the application contents to each individual DI program. It also has made the post-match process more streamlined.

  • Access the DICAS portal
  • Application fees: $45 for the first DI program; $20 for each additional DI program
  • List of courses required to calculate your DPD GPA
    Students are required to provide a DPD GPA in their application. Students should list the courses designated by the DPD program at Penn State, including which courses should be listed as “science” courses and “professional” courses.
  • Requesting the declaration of intent or verification statement from the DPD director.
    Students must submit a request for either a declaration of intent or a verification statement to the DPD director directly by filling out a Dietetic Internship Ranking form as well as a form with DICAS.


DICAS will ask the applicant for a declaration of intent or a verification statement from his/her DPD director. If you are applying for a spring match, please send this request after January 1. If you are applying for a fall match, please send this request after August 1.

When you fill out the form on DICAS please enter:

  • First name: Mary Dean
  • Last name: Coleman-Kelly, Ph.D., R.D.
  • E-mail address:
  • Form:

Choose Declaration of Intent: if you have not completed your B.S. degree and have not received an official copy of your verification statement

Choose Verification Statement: only when your B.S. degree has been conferred by the University AND you have received an official copy of your verification statement from the DPD program at Penn State. See the verification statement policy for the criteria needed to obtain this document.

Departmental request

Students are asked to submit a formal request for a declaration of intent (if they have not graduated prior to applying to a DI program) or a verification statement (after they have graduated) using the departmental Dietetic Internship Ranking form. We use this information to help us keep the records required to maintain our accreditation status with ACEND.

The DPD director will not confirm the DICAS request until the departmental form has been filled out and processed by the department.

Please download and fill out the Dietetic Internship Ranking form and send it to the department address listed on the form. Once it is received, the DPD director will review your degree audit and submit the appropriate documentation on the DICAS website. Please consider the time frame needed to mail the form to the department and the closing date for DICAS.

Note for those requesting a declaration of intent form on DICAS: once the DPD director fills out the required information, the applicant must review the information and accept it before DICAS will allow the application to be submitted.

  • Check the dietetic internship program’s website to which you are applying to determine if supplemental materials are required in addition to the DICAS application.

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More information

If you have specific questions about the dietetic internship program application process, the DPD director, Mary Dean Coleman-Kelly, Ph.D., R.D. will be happy to answer your questions. She can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 814-865-2138.